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Gardener Shares How to Grow Tomatoes Upside Down and We're Obsessed

How cool is this?!

One of the best things about social media is how it makes so many things available at our fingertips. We’re able to quickly find out how to DIY a project, how to repair something, and we can even find even more tips regarding our favorite hobby all thanks to social media and the wonderful and multiple communities that make it. One of the popular communities of social media is gardening and not surprisingly, there are so many gardeners who generously share what works for them in order to grow and maintain a bountiful garden.

TikTok gardener @empress_garden is one of many social media gardeners who shows us in her multiple videos how to grow, maintain and use the crops from our garden. But it’s her most recent video that has us amazed with how she grows her tomatoes upside down and it’s probably the coolest thing that will come out of your garden!


We’re loving how unique this is! What’s even better, it’s really not as difficult as it may seem. We love how she’s so detailed in explaining the steps and the look of the plant when she’s finished is so different and pretty as opposed to how we typically see a growing tomato plant. So, we’re not surprised that her followers are just as impressed. “Do I already have 40 tomato plants in the ground? Yes. Do I need more tomato plants? No. Am I going to do this? Absolutely.” TikTok user @fiveacrefarm commented. “Why did the thought never cross my mind like this is genius!” @readysetshootimonfire wrote.

Not only can you use this idea for tomatoes, but it can also be done with small pepper varieties including jalapeño and roast peppers as well. Now we just need to find a great salsa recipe!