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Woman Adds Gorgeous Plant Wall to Bathroom and It Makes All The difference

We need this so bad...

Have you ever wanted to do something dramatic, fantastic, and not terribly expensive to update the look of your home? Maybe something to overhaul your living room, or even your bathroom, transforming the space into one that has even more of a spa-like atmosphere? Then you HAVE to check out this amazing plant-wall DIY that can be done with only a few simple tools and easy to find accessories.


Jess over at NEST By Jess on TikTok is a popular DIY designer and one of several go-tos that we are always dropping in and checking out. One of her most recent videos focused on a really cool bathroom hack that adds gorgeous fake-plant greenery to the wall just above her bathroom.

The idea behind this DIY is to add ‘squares’ of fake plants all over the walls using Command strips rather than glue to hold up each of the squares. This hack is useable even in rented homes and apartments, and you could easily do it in more rooms than just the bathroom.

We recommend a mix of various shades of green to really help draw the eye, but steer clear of fabric flowers as the moisture (even from just the rising steam) probably will cause them to droop more than you would like. Several commenters also did bring up questions, such as how these plastic plants held up or if they happened to hide spiders (so that is one concern you’d need to ask yourself about ahead of time), but for the most part, this cute little hack seems like a fun and interesting way to add some real color to your rooms.

And of course we can already see ourselves doing this in more rooms than just the bathroom! How about a garden wall above your headboard (complete with flowers), or trailing walls of ivy and other greenery on either side of your television? The ideas are endless!