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Here’s How to Repurpose Old Candle Jars Into Gorgeous Planters

Waste not, want not!

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Are you a candle person? The kind of person who, every time you head out to the store, you come home with yet another candle to add to your already massive collection? Or maybe you just grab the occasional one, burn it to where there is nothing left, and all you have is an empty jar.

Well, no matter how you treat your candles, there is an excellent way of not just chucking your empty jars into the trash but actually upcycling them into something that you can keep on using!


Today’s helpful tip comes to us from TikTok creator Kellyn of EasyGrowing. She mainly focuses on gardening and growing tips, more specifically for her area in the Ozarks, so you might be wondering why she is dealing with candle jars. The simple answer is - planters!

Yes, as Kellyn points out, these glass jars actually make the perfect planters!

You will want to start by carefully boiling some water and pouring it into the jar to help loosen up and even melt whatever wax is left over, making it easier to remove. Scrape the last little bits up, then cool and remove the now floating wax and give the jar a good rinse.

Next find, or even make, yourself a net pot with a plastic cup, making sure it fits snugly into the jar, then pour in your planting mix and flower or plant of choice. The now full net pot should slide directly into the larger glass jar and you can then watch your newly planted plant friend grow and spread!

And that is all you have to do! So next time don’t just chuck out those old glass jars - make use of them instead!