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Watch Plastic Soda Bottles Be Transformed Into a Chic Lamp

This is the best kind of upcycling.

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TikTok certainly is a place to look for ways how to be less wasteful, or how to make something old look new again. TikTok is also the perfect place to draw some inspiration for DIY projects - upcycle bottle edition, such as transforming an old tequila bottle into a lamp. The options for what you can do with bottles - glass or plastic - are endless.

TikTok creator Geneva Vanderzeil (@genevavanderzeil) for example, also upgraded her lamp to an expensive West Elm dupe, as she demonstrates in her video. 


I am stunned! I would have never guessed that this is possible to achieve with leftover plastic bottles. If you're a big soda drinker but ashamed of admitting that and tired of taking out the recycling, this way of upcycling is a great option for you. Just cut your bottles in half and keep the neck part, tape them together so they create an oval shape, cover them in plaster, and you have a brand new lamp. Keep in mind that this works best with tall floor lamps, as they have more room to work with. I am not sure if Geneva painted white over the plaster, but she probably sanded it with some sandpaper to make it look and feel smooth. 

TikTok seems to love this hack as well, as the comments section suggests. Well done!