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Woman’s Plastic Roof Gives Her the Best Natural Lighting

Honestly, it looks really good.

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Okay, so we will be kind of real here. We don’t often think about our roofs, at least not unless they’re leaking or something else is wrong with them. They really are just there to keep us warm and keep the wind and rain out of our homes, but beyond function, there is very little we can do to spruce them up. Well, you could do a skylight through your roof, or maybe toss some succulents up there to grow, but that’s about it… right?

Well, what if we told you that you could also do something like a plastic roof and get all of the natural light you could ever ask for? That’s exactly what Tiktok creator Helen Gray did, and we are so in love!


Helen Gray considers herself to have a very Pixie Hollow meets crow who loves shiny things aesthetic, and that has transferred itself over to her entire home. There are bits and bobs and shiny things literally everywhere, shoved into every nook and cranny and hanging from the ceiling wherever there is room, so Helen needed plenty of lighting to show everything off.

Enter the plastic roof. This roof is not quite as see-through as glass - there is a faint tint that plastic gives it, but the sheer amount of natural sunlight that comes in and enters the room is stunning. We can only imagine how warm it has to be in the summer, though if not properly insulated we can also see just how cold it probably gets as well!

Now, Helen does state that she usually throws a tarp over her roof to help keep cooling and heating costs down, but Ian did run away with it when the hurricane came through so she hasn’t put it back up as of yet. This also isn’t technically the house she lives in, but rather a storage shed turned den for all of her pretties, meaning it probably wouldn’t be livable year-round, but it is still a really cool idea!