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Dad Converts Son’s Ikea Play Kitchen Into a Fully Functional One

Can we come over for dinner sometime, little man?

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE Ikea. I love looking through the aisles at the store two hours away, I love getting the item I’ve bought home, I even love building it no matter how crazy the instructions can sometimes get. I also am obsessed with how other people use, reuse, refurbish, and turn their Ikea furniture into new and different things.

So when I saw what this dad did to his son’s Ikea toy kitchen, I knew it was something that I wanted to try someday.


We start with the Ikea toy kitchen, which looks exactly like a traditional kitchen that has been shrunk down to a child’s size. It isn’t like those plastic play deals you see at a big box store with stickers and everything nonfunctioning. This kitchen has pullout drawers, a sink with stainless steel fixtures, and an overhead area for where a microwave would typically go.

Father-of-the-year Louis Michael starts by cleaning everything up, then removes shelves in multiple areas to make space for storage and a place for a mini-fridge to go in. A few mason jars go in under the sink to allow it to have functioning water flow as well as somewhere for extra water to go. Meanwhile, a few Command strips are placed around the sink to make sure there’s no way that a kid can pull it up and get to the water below, while more command strips are put on a cutting board off to one side to hold it in place as well.

All in all, this is one lucky kid. I also love that his dad is so willing to teach him how to be an independent human being, even from such a young age. It will be a huge benefit to him later on in life, and the fact that it is all being done as safely as possible is just another benefit. And tons of parents agree in the comments, with some asking to come over for playdates while others are just appreciating this dad for being the awesome father that is is!