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Grandparents Build An Entire Tiny Town In Their Basement For Their First Grandbaby

This little lady is L-O-V-E-D.

There is nothing quite like a first time grandparent. With the gift of time and perspective, a new baby brings on a new era of love and laughter. Finally, you get to just have fun and hand them over to the parents for the "tough stuff." 

From this perspective it is easy to see how they can be so prone to spoiling their grandbabies. After all, it's an opportunity to shower them with the things you wish you could have done with your own.

Considering this, it's not entirely shocking that these first-time grandparents went all out for their first grandbaby. 


And yes, by "all out" we did mean build an entire tiny play town for her to romp through? Yes, yes we did. 

This amazing space feature faux storefronts full of sensory satisfactory toys that make sense for each of them. Personally we are huge fans of the mini diner and school. All in all people could not get enough of the attention to detail and what a labor of love this must have been for the grandparents to construct. In fact, a few folks blew up the comments saying to "forget" their kids, they want this for themselves! 

The little girl is going to enjoy that magical space for years to come, and hopefully she'll learn to truly appreciate just how special they feel she is.