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Long Island Playhouse Takes It Up A Notch With The Dino Ranch Of Your Dreams

They did a better job of wrangling dinos than the park did!

Looking for a cute and heart-warming video to brighten up your day now that fall is finally here and the weather is getting just that little bit colder? Maybe something you can play while sitting in your office (or the bathroom as you hide away from work)?

Well, you’re in for a treat! Take a look at this ultra-cute and funny ‘dino-park’ put on by one Long Island playhouse in an effort to engage the local community and, at the same time, bring a smile to all of our faces!



The Gateway Playhouse on Long Island has long been home to all sorts of entertainment, and the time around Halloween is no different. In fact, this is one of the most popular and involved times throughout the year, as the playhouse’s event runners often come up with something interesting and new each year to entertain those in the area, often going hand in hand with their seasonal haunted house events.

This year they decided to put on something a little bit different, and a whole lot

So what exactly are we seeing in this video? Why, free-roaming dinosaurs, of course! Or, well, we guess they aren’t exactly free-roaming since they are behind some sort of a barrier, as flimsy as it is, and they aren’t exactly dinosaurs either, but rather a whole bunch of adults having a ton of fun while dressing up as dinosaurs.

Yes, the playhouse got a dozen or so adults, threw them into all sorts of inflatable dinosaur costumes ranging from T-rexes to Triceratops, and let them all run amok in their ‘pen’, much to the delight of the children coming by. What is even better are the few who are dressed up as different characters from the movies, including a rather spot-on Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm.

We guess life truly does find a way, even if that way just so happens to be inflatable.