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Real Estate Agent’s Trick for Perfect Looking Floors Is a Game-Changer

You can get it on Amazon and it works on both laminate and hardwood!

Throughout my early adult years, we moved around quite a bit before finally purchasing our first home. While it was a lot of work having to move around and settle into each space, one of the things I enjoyed most about moving was how clean the floors looked upon moving in. You could practically see your reflection in the floor based on how clean they were. 

Of course, over time the beautiful shine would disappear after officially settling in and no matter how often I mopped, I was never able to get that move-in shine back. To this day, I actually thought it was impossible to maintain that shiny look on our floors until I came across this cleaning hack from TikTok user @mrsmessytiktok, and let me tell you, I will definitely be trying this hack soon!


Don’t the floors look amazing?! I’ll admit, they weren’t too bad before, but I can tell the difference after she mopped the floors with Pledge Floor Care. I’m amazed how they made her 7-year-old laminate floors look so new!

The comments section had mixed feelings regarding this cleaning hack with some people loving it and others saying the product can cause a buildup of wax over time. Of course, to each their own but I have to admit this hack is the closest I’ve seen to getting the appearance of brand new flooring. It also helps that the price tag isn’t too bad either considering it shouldn’t have to be used it often.

Would you try this hack? 

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