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Couple Captures Footage In Their Own Kitchen That Looks Like a Scene From 'Poltergeist'

Somebody get Tangina on the line...

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Cohabitating isn't easy with anyone, be it a best friend or a new partner, but when you're sharing a space with an unseen entity bent on terrorizing you? Well, that's worse than any roommate. 

Unfortunately for one UK couple, they are dealing with such a situation. Except, the entity that's in their house seems really bent on making sure they make as much of a ruckus as possible. Though the couple has been dealing with and recording their paranormal activity for sometime, it recently escalated to the point where they aren't sure they know what to do.


While the video is clipped, you can see plainly that this is the most they've ever been terrified of the activity. The recording details how the entity in their home really focuses on the kitchen, much like the movie Poltergeist. Like the film, drawers and doors fly open, and we even see footage of the chair being dragged out from under the table with no one to be seen.

In a much longer YouTube video, the woman explains that in some of the footage they caught while they were outside the home it looked as if he was going about an average morning routine. And perhaps he is stuck in the pattern of just doing that?

Either way, we think it's high time for these two to make a call to someone before it escalates any further.