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England Woman Makes Gorgeous Pom-Pom Blanket and It’s Mesmerizing

It looks so cozy!

Weaving has always been a fun hobby for some people, but it seems as though in the past couple of years, the hobby gained a lot more traction and became quite popular.

Weaving has been associated with being quite relaxing and therapeutic, at least according to Manchester, England TikTok content creator @pomtasticmcr, who recently went viral after posting her process of creating the large pom-pom blankets. Just as relaxing as it is for her to create these beautiful blankets, it’s just as mesmerizing for her followers to tune in to her videos and watch the process of her create these gorgeous blankets.


As seen in the video, she uses a huge loom in which she constructed herself, grey and pink thread and multiple weaving techniques and layers. Although the process of her creating the pom-pom blankets is sped up in the time lapse videos she creates for her TikTok account, it typically takes her roughly three to four days for her to complete each blanket.

Unsurprisingly, her followers took the comments to express their shared love and admiration of the beautiful pom-pom blankets, as well as her tremendous amount of skill it takes to create them.

We’re just as impressed and enthralled ourselves!