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Family Transforms Pool Into a Breathtaking Aquarium You Can Actually Go Snorkeling In

Imagine being able to invite your friends to go snorkeling at your house...

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Growing up in the city in a tiny row home meant that the only pool I was getting had to be manually blown up. It was filled with water from the hose, and I didn't know the difference. If I wanted to take a big dip, I'd head to the community pool. When I got a little older, I learned that people had giant pools right in their own backyard, and I distinctly remember turning to my mom and saying "Oh, they are RICH, rich, huh?"

I cannot imagine what my young self would have thought of someone being able to drain their incredible in-ground pool and convert it to a functioning aquarium that they can snorkel in.

I'd likely have thought they were a new Elon Musk.

One family did just that to their own backyard pool and let me tell you, it as every bit breathtaking as your would imagine it to be


After draining the pool, the family had coral structures placed as you would in a fish tank along the bottom of the pool. They then pumped filtered, treated water into the pool and filled it to the top. The pool is also temperature regulated to make sure the fish stay healthy and safe. Next came the fun part: Adding in the tropical fish. There were an array of breeds that historically cohabitate together, including some true marvels like a real sting ray. 

Now the family can go snorkeling and admire their underwater pals whenever they want. We bet their backyard parties are going to be epic!