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Mom’s Genius Lawn Chair Hack Makes Sitting by the Pool More Comfortable

Why didn’t we think of this?

As a kid, going to the swimming pool was an experience. Growing up in the brutal Texas heat, we often times would canon ball into the water on sight, but there were also those relaxed days when all we wanted to do was lounge poolside with our feet dipped into the water.

On the more relaxed days, we’d simply sit on a folded towel and most times that really wasn’t comfortable, but if we would have had this genius lawn chair hack from TikTok account @hometalk, comfortably wouldn’t have been an issue at all!


This hack is so brilliant! It doesn’t take much of any effort and is so easy to do as well. We love that she also has a chair for her dog to relax with her by the pool, too! The comments were mixed with some people who saw the benefit of doing this and others who questioned why she didn’t exercise other options. “You just can’t sit at the edge of the pool on the cement. If it’s too hot, put a towel down,” @zaygay76 commented. TikTok user @adetiveaux responded, “It’s call being older! I want to lean back. No backing [on a chair] sucks, LOL.” Another TikTok viewer @justjulie73 supported the idea commenting “Great idea... back support.”

Whether or not you agree with this idea, you have to admit, this was an innovative hack and can be very useful this summer.