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Mom Makes Functional Outdoor Shower By the Pool For Under $40

Seriously, why did we not think of this before?

There are somethings are are just a smidgen too bougie to out and out buy if your a middle class family. While having a pool is certainly nothing to snuff at, it's a little different when you have a pool and all the accouterments like a pool house, boy, and  shower. The average family cannot afford those things, so what do they do? 

They clean up the shed, make the hubby wear a Speedo, and search Amazon for an alternative.

While we cannot help your organize your shed or convince your husband to have a #HotDadSummer, we can present you with this brilliant hack TikToker @theothermamajune discovered when she was particularly motivated to get an outdoor "shower" for her pool.


All she did was adhere a camping portable shower device to her PVC fence, clean out a deep plastic bucket, fill it with water and boom. Instant outdoor shower. It's simple, it's genius, and it's definitely going to give the kids less of an excuse as to why they won't rinse their dirty feet off before jumping in the pool.

People noted that this also has tons of other benefits, like an easy way to rinse off feet at the beach, a way to wash dogs outside, and even a great way to water plants.

And if you really wanted to get that outdoor shower privacy vibe, simple get some PVC pipes and elbows and hang a shower curtain around it. 

We're sorry, pool boy not included. 

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