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Mom Has Genius Trick For Warming Up a Kiddie Pool Fast

What a cool idea.

As a kid, summer breaks were always one of the best times of the year. We got to take advantage of the longest break from school while playing outside with our friends, enjoying family vacations and of course swimming in the pool

The latter was always an enjoyable way to brave the Texas summer heat, but no matter how hot it was outside, it was always a hard adjustment to get into our kiddie pool when the water was pretty cold. Texas weather is different; we can experience three different seasons in one day, so we can imagine how beneficial this amazing hack is from TikTok mom hack sharer @honestlyautumn who shows us how to instantly warm up a kiddie pool with this surprising household item!


How cool is this!? Apparently applying black plastic garbage bags in your child’s kiddie pool will absorb heat and transfer it to the pool water, warming it up quickly and making it easy for your child to easily adjust to the pool water. This is such a great idea! One viewer @elizabethmouleart in the comments suggested to place a hula hoop inside the black trash bag and tie it, to ensure the bag stays in place inside the pool. That’s such a great idea and makes the hack even more effective!

As a mom to one-year-old that loves water, I can’t wait to try this hack soon!