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People Are Obsessing Over This Trendy Color

We can totally see it on the shutters or trim!

So do you have a favorite color? Most people do. Mine, in fact, happens to be stormcloud grey, that color that is in between grey, blue, and purple, the color of a storm on the horizon when all the world goes breezy and you hear the distant rumble and gentle pattering of rain.

Those favorite colors often don’t necessarily translate into the best paint colors, however. It takes a unique shade to hold up when it comes to painting our homes, especially if you are needing something that translates well on the outside! So let me introduce you to what will, hopefully, be your new favorite paint color and one that is totally on trend at the moment.


The current on-trend color comes to us from Tonesterpaints over on TikTok. This channel creates hand-crafted interior paints and typically likes to stay ahead and on top of all current and upcoming trends. One of the most up-and-coming ones just so happens to be a rather unique shade - oliveblack.

Now, even if you haven’t heard of this shade, you have probably at least seen it - especially if you are from the south! This grey-green-black shade is quite popular as it tends to not weather and fade as easily, retaining a lot of its depth throughout the season while also not showing off dirt and scratches!

What we love most about this shade is just how versatile it is! If you’re looking for a darker color then this works perfectly well while also having that hint of lighter green, especially in brighter or more natural light! Accent it with some pops of brighter color, like turquoise, white, or cream for dramatic effect or keep it simple and dark with navies and blacks!

So, we have to ask - why aren’t you already heading to the store to get this paint color yet?