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Camera Catches Neighbor Blatantly Stealing From Porch

Caught absolutely red-handed

Surveillance cameras have to be one of the greatest investments you can make. It can either scare potential intruders and trespassers away or it can help you identify them when they commit a crime on your property. And the latter is exactly what happened with TikTok user @skystubb.

The mom of three happened to catch her neighbor stealing a huge package off her front porch thanks to her surveillance. While we have so many questions rummaging through our minds regarding this video, we can’t help but think how amazing it is she was able to catch him in the horrible act thanks to her surveillance camera!


In the quick video upload that’s already reached over three million views, her neighbor is clearly seen walking over to her front porch and moving a foldable chair out of the way so he can grab the huge box off of the porch. Besides the obvious huge issue with him stealing the package, he’s so rough with the handling of the box as well, and could potentially have caused damage to her property.

Unsurprisingly, we’re not the only ones surprised by this. Viewers and followers took the comment section to share their thoughts. “So not only does he steal it but potentially damages it the way he’s swinging it around lol okay,” @smileykylie95 wrote. “…please say he was arrested,” @wendywoo20 commented. “I don’t understand stealing at all but let alone someone u live by like they won’t ever see what u stole, [what] is wrong with some people?” @jennandjaxboutique commented.

Sigh, we agree. Hopefully, she contacted authorities and was able to get her package back.