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This Wireless Portable Air Conditioner Is a Must Have for Summer

It runs on ice!

Summer may not officially be here just yet, however, here in the southern states, we’re already getting a glimpse of the intense heat we can expect to come this summer. For many of us that plan to spend time outdoors in our yards gardening or taking our kids to do various activities, it’s imperative that we find ways to keep cool.

Unfortunately, we can’t take our ceiling fans with us and paper fans will only circulate the hot air around us, so it’s beneficial to find another alternative that’s effective. Thanks to TikTok user @kait_elaine_, we now have the perfect portable air conditioner that not only keeps us cool in the most unique way, but is also convenient to carry around!


How cool is it that this portable air conditioner runs on ice and looks like a tumbler?! This has to be the coolest personal fan we’ve seen! It does come with a cool pack as well, which can also be used in addition to ice. The comments section was impressed with this portable air conditioner as well. “I ran to get this!!! I get super overheated easily and it saves me so much discomfort thank you so much!!!” @amyintheraw commented. “Wow omg this is such a life changer thanks for sharing” @taj90sbabi wrote. “I soooooo need this here in Florida,” @franch3skalee commented.

This is definitely a summer staple, especially if you live in the hot south. It’s currently sold out, but be sure to keep a look out for it so you can get it when it becomes available.

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