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Woman's Planting 'Fail' Makes Us Feel A Little Better About Our Own Garden Oops

We guess that means no fries for dinner?

Gardening is usually an enjoyable activity, and it can even be a benefit to your family such as when you have a great harvest that can feed them throughout the year. But that doesn’t mean it is easy, and all too often, we might make some small mistakes here or there that completely ruins our veggies.

This situation is exactly what one TikTok creator found herself in when she went to pull up what she hoped would be a small, but still ‘there’, harvest.


When Lisa went out one morning to dig up her small harvest of potatoes, she never could have expected what she would actually pull up. She starts the video by saying she has three surviving plants from her original planting plan. Out of all of the seeds she had planted, only three even sprouted, which is what she is now trying to dig up. So you know this is already off to a ‘great’ start.

When the very first stem comes up we already know something has gone wrong… The stem comes up whole, with a few roots attached, but no root veggie. But Lisa is still hopeful!

So out comes her gardening tools. Lisa starts to loosen up the soil, hoping that she may hit a potato that simply didn’t come up with the stem, which does happen! Still, nothing. Next comes out the shovel, with Lisa digging wide so she could avoid hitting any of the buried potatoes.

And still, nothing.

In the end Lisa winds up with a fairly empty hole with only a few roots still clinging in, but like any true gardener, she takes it in stride. She even shares with us the general wisdom that ‘sometimes, things just don’t grow.’ We feel this is rather appropriate, and it helps give us some perspective and allows us to accept our mistakes while still looking forward to trying again.