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Woman Uses a Potato To Make Cutest Accent Wall

Yes, you read that right: A potato.

When it comes to crafty projects, the best and most affordable supplies are usually provided by Mother Nature. Anything from leaves to sticks, the options are endless for no cost. Especially around Halloween, mothers try to find DIY projects they can do with their kiddos, like this crafty mom

This TikToker @indie.boho.nest didn't necessarily look for Halloween decoration provided by Mother Nature but more so for an earthy little helper to accomplish her wall DIY project, as she shares in her video. 


Would you look at this? It's quite cute and pretty. This potato hack is actually not a new invention. I remember being a kid and using potatoes as a stamp for my art projects. They are cheap and durable, and quite versatile. Aside from using potatoes for various recipes, you can also use potatoes to generate power, for example. Yes, that is right! As you can see, this TikToker cut a shape of a bow into the potato, after cutting the potato in half. Because what you need to work with is the thickest area of the potato to give it a base resembling a stamp, and then dip it in your color of choice. It's hard to tell what type of paint she used but you don't necessarily need to use wall paint, you can also use washable acrylic paint, for example. That way you can remove it, in case you aren't happy with the results. 

This hack will definitely save you time and money if you're thinking about getting wallpaper.