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Woman Learns Pothos Cuttings Have a Secret Superpower and Immediately Puts It to the Test

BRB trimming my pothos.

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If you love your plants, then you probably do a lot for them! Bringing them in whenever there is the slightest hint of frost, making sure they have all the nutrients that they need, maybe even moving them into the sunlight if they are getting even just a hint more shade than they should! You probably have also delved into things like plant cutting and propagation, which is a great way to make sure that your plants continue long after the original may have died!

Well, did you know that your Pathos plant has a secret superpower when it comes to propagation? I will let Sofi of Plants.With.Sofi explain!


So let’s talk Pothos plants. These beauties are pretty hardy, and known for being one of the best indoor plants thanks to their various purifying properties, including being able to remove common toxins from the air that other plants might miss.

But what is also great about these plants is that they are one of the easiest species to propagate! Not only that, but cutting and using them for propagation can actually help other plants, including succulents!

You see, Pothos have a greater-than-average rooting hormone - the thing that allows them to propagate faster and better than a lot of other plants. When put into water, cuttings start to release this hormone, secreting it into other plants that might be in the same cup or dish as well, really giving them that extra boost that they need to grow bigger, and faster.

So if you have some plants that you’d love to propagate, but you’re always worried that they are taking too long or are a bit too fragile, why not try adding some Pothos cuttings into the mix? You might find yourself seriously surprised at the end!

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