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This Couple Duped a $800 Pottery Barn Console Table For Only $100

And truly, we kind of like theirs better.

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You know how the old saying goes sometimes your "eyes are bigger than your stomach"? We think we can amend this for home décor shopping: "Your eyes are bigger than your wallet." Day after day we are forced to lust after statement or simple pieces  that are insanely expensive. If you are someone who suffers from "little wallet syndrome," there is a good solution for your problems: DIY, baby.

There are tons of people who dupe expensive, name-brand furniture finds for less than half the price. And one couple absolutely killed it with their rendition of a popular $799 Pottery Barn dupe. 


Right now, the price of lumber is still out of control, so we can sort of see why the original using huge slabs may cost so much. But with some ingenuity, this DIY couple used simple 2x4's and wood putty for basically the same effect. In fact, we kind of love the paneled siding that the 2x4 wood beams give because it adds far more texture to the overall piece. 

Construction seems also pretty simple for this one, so we imagine even a DIY novice with a basic idea of how power tools work could pull it off. And for 1/8th of the price, why wouldn't you give it a shot?

Be sure to follow the whole DIY tutorial here before you attempt this masterpiece yourself.