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Crafter Perfectly Dupes Spooky Skeleton Pottery Barn Candy Bowl For Cheap

A little work can save you a ton of money!

So we all know that Halloween is well on its way, and many of us are already looking to popular stores to see all the cool and creepy decorations they are putting out for us to purchase. And yes, we could go on an hours-long rant about how these decorations are coming out earlier and earlier every year, but is it really that bad a thing? Not really, especially for those of us who look forward to the said holiday.

But some of the prices for said Halloween decorations can get a little out of control, such as the $200 Pottery Barn skeleton candy bowl that one TikTok creator decided to dupe.


Kristyn Cole was recently approached by a friend to make said dupe, and she pretty much said ‘say less’ and got to work. Fortunately, her take on the bowl wound up being less, way less, thanks to getting all of her materials from her local stores and Amazon instead of trying to use more expensive items.

The base of the project starts with a simple black bowl from Target and a fully poseable skeleton from Amazon. The bowl is super glued in place at multiple spots to ensure that neither half were going to go anywhere before a beautiful layer of looking glass spray paint is added. This is what gives it that metallic titanium look and what helps make it look closer to the Pottery Barn example.

Kristyn then goes back with some black acrylic paint to add similar streak-like markings to further help it match the example, and to age it up a little bit, before sealing it all with a clear sealant to help prevent chipping or cracking.

The coolest thing about this dupe is that the skeleton, being fully poseable, can either sit at the edge of a counter with its legs dangling, or sit with legs straight out in front of it, and be stable either way. You could also do it in all sorts of different colors or add unique textures, or even do different kinds of bowls instead of what the Pottery Barn one came with… Maybe even go with something a bit more pumpkin themed instead?