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Woman Power Washes Her Rug and Is Shook By the Results

The color change was significant.

PowerWashing is truly a powerful way to clean. Over time, your driveway, the exterior of your home and even your rugs can unfortunately collect dirt and stains from a variety of uncontrollable elements. In situations like this, the best way to clean difficult areas such as your home’s exterior or extremely dirty rugs is with the help of a power washer. Doing this will remove the buildup and leave the desired areas looking brand new.

If you’ve never experienced how great power washing is, check out this video from TikTok content creator @isuckatcleaning. In the popular video, she shows us just how amazing of a job she did power washing her area rug - the before and after is astonishing!


In the video she simply takes a carpet stain remover and applies it to a few of the tough stains on the rug before using her power washer to clean the entire rug. However, rather than just using the power washer one time, she cleaned it a second time with the powerful machine, let it dry in the sun, and it was then she was truly amazed by the results!

The funny thing is, the rug didn’t appear to be dirty at first, but once she power washed a smaller section before cleaning the entire area rug, we were able to see the difference from before the power wash and afterwards!

Unsurprisingly, folks in the comment section supported this powerful cleaning method with one TikTok user writing “Power washing can make you real humble,” and another commenting “Anytime you can power wash something you should.”

Umm we definitely agree with both comments!