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Watch This Plant Mom Transform Her Dying Flowers Into Beautiful Art With This Easy DIY

Seriously, this is sustainably stunning

I love a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. They smell lovely, create a beautiful ambiance and can brighten the worst of moods. However, the only thing I despise about buying flowers is at some point, they die. Sure, I can purchase fake flowers and hold onto those forever, but I’m not really a big fan of those for a few reasons.

If you’re like me and love getting real flowers, but hate to see their demise, then this simple DIY from TikTok lifestyle aficionado @lynnymillerr is perfect for you!


Rather than throwing out the lifeless flowers, she took a few of her favorites and arranged them face down on a paper towel. It’s important to note that how you lay them is how they’ll dry so make sure all the petals are flat. Simply add a paper towel on top of the flowers or fold the paper towel so flowers are covered and place a microwave safe weighted dish on top of the flowers to help press them. Next, microwave them on half power in increments of 90 seconds until flowers become the texture of paper. Finally, grab a floral frame from your favorite store and arrange the flowers on one of the two plastic inserts, using glue to keep them in place, then put the other insert on top and slide the inserts back into the frame.

The finished project is gorgeous and lasts forever if it’s not too humid or wet.

Her TikTok followers agree. “Love this!! Thanks for sharing,” says @raquelitaa002. Another TikTok user @jaytheresafickel commented “Love it!! We did this with books when little.”

I can’t wait to try this with my sunflower bouquet!