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12-Year-Old Makes Modern Planter Using Kitchenware and We're Shook

If this was a school project, he'd win first place!

Nowadays, kids love staying indoors to spend time playing their favorite video games, catching up on their staple TV shows or spending hours scrolling through their social media feeds. However, while most kids do enjoy the aforementioned activities, there are a few who enjoy spending time reading their favorite books, going outside to play with friends or create a few DIY projects.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator and interior designer @glamdecorby_ness's 12-year-old son who recently just made a gorgeous modern planter using kitchenware and his creative skill and we’re quite impressed with the result!


Seriously, if this video proves anything, it’s that we should never underestimate kids and their talents! To create the beautiful planter, he used two kitchen bowls or vases and two plates, industrial craft glue, white paint and textured spray. First he turned the vase upside down and glued a plant right side up onto the vase. Next, he took the other kitchen plate and glued it onto plate before placing and gluing the other vase onto the plate. Afterwards, he painted the entire project white and followed up with textured spray to give it more of a textured concrete look. He finished off the planted by adding a beautiful tree plant and adorned the soil with moss.

With over four million views and thousands of comments on this video, it’s evident we’re not the only one in awe over his creative skills!