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Professional Cleaner Explains What 5 Renovations She Would Never Do In Her House

It may look nice, but it’s hard to clean!

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When you’ve worked in a profession for quite some time, there are some things you learn and notice that will either benefit you in some way or some things you’ll want to avoid in general. And if you’re active on TikTok, one grand that’s been making quite a wave across the social media platform is the “Five Things I’ll Never Do/Have As A…” trend.

We’ve seen quite a few professionals share what they would/wouldn’t do or have and this latest video from this professional cleaner and TikTok user @brighttouchcleaning is quite beneficial so you may want to get a paper and pen to take some notes!


As a self-employed professional cleaner, she’s practically seen all types of homes and although we may want some of these beautiful features we see in many high-end homes, it takes a lot of work to keep them clean as we can somewhat see in the quick video. The first thing she mentioned to avoid is venetian blinds since they collect dust so quickly and are very flimsy, which means you have to be extra careful around them, especially if you have kids or pets in the home. The second thing she mentioned she would never have in her home is a square sink. Although it may be aesthetically pleasing, she says bits of food get stuck in the corners and grime collects around the edges. Another aesthetically pleasing item are free standing bath tubs; as gorgeous as they are, it’s not easy to access behind the tub making it harder to clean.

Next on the list are mirrored light switch plates; while we don’t see these too often, if you’re considering getting them you may want to think twice because you will forever have to clean away fingerprints. Lastly, high-gloss flooring looks beautiful but dirt and debris easily show up more on this type of flooring and it doesn’t hide any imperfections, so as a result, it requires way more cleaning and is pretty high-maintenance in general.