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Woman Makes DIY Pull Out Storage Boxes for Deep Cabinets

These are simply genius!

There is almost nothing worse than having some massive storage space, but having it be impractical at the same time! You want to do some neat organizing, make use of all that space, but simply reaching to the back or bottom proves a chore, so you simply don’t make use of it the way you could.

Well, have we got the remedy for you. Thanks to the SweetHome channel over on TikTok, we are bringing you a simple and easy way to finally use all that space without breaking your back to do so!


For this DIY you’ll want, first off, some big cabinet space. For this creator, they have an under-cabinet area that is large, but pretty unwieldy because of its size and depth, but they also don’t want to drill a whole lot of holes or add extra cabinetry, so what are they going to do?

Well, the very first step is to get some drawer slides. To make it easier on yourself, get some heavy-duty double-stick tape, attach it to the bottom of the slides, then tape them into place on a sheet of heavy acrylic or something else large that fits at the bottom of the cabinet. From there get the shelf or drawer that came with the slides and fit that into place as well. This creator uses a shorter-lipped drawer that leaves a lot of the space open, making it the perfect option for this space.

From there, simply fill your new cabinet and use it as normal! This is a great way to create a slide-out that actually works while not changing the look or function of the space itself - making it the perfect option for college students or renters!

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