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This DIY Pumpkin Serving Tray Is Perfect For People Salivating Over Fall

I mean it’s practically October…

Okay, so we recently learned that celebrating Halloween in July is just as big of a deal as celebrating Christmas in July. Between decorating their entire homes with pumpkins and skulls, to decorating their front porch with the muted autumn colors that will make any neutral color lover swoon, we’re anxiously awaiting the fall season!

Our latest favorite fall find is courtesy of @macy.blackwell who shows us how to easily make this pumpkin serving tray that’s perfect the upcoming fall season!


In the quick video, she simply removes the stem from the white pumpkin, grabs her hot glue gun and simply places glue all over the top of pumpkin before gluing down a large wooden plate to the top of it. So simple, quick and only cost $2 to make!

She used her tray to serve pumpkin cookies but of course, if you choose to do this simple DIY project, you can use your to serve your favorite fall snack or simply use it as a décor piece in your home.

Of course, the comment section loved this simple tutorial and honestly, we get it - it’s too cute!

BRB. Heading to the Dollar Tree, stat!