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Wisconsin Woman Transforms Pumpkins Into Giant Plant Eaters And We’re Obsessed

This is perfect for Halloween!

Halloween may not be here just yet, but many people are embracing spooky season and decorating their homes accordingly. While some folks are choosing to keep it traditional and decorate their homes with scary carved pumpkins, others, such as TikTok content creator @bone.hollow are taking it a step further and completely transforming their Halloween pumpkins into something we definitely wouldn’t expect!


In this video, she starts off the cool project by taking two large pumpkins, and carving it to make the shape of the Venus flytrap, also known as the “fly eating plant.” Next, filled two planter pots full of concrete, let it dry and painted it brown to resemble dirt before applying Liquid Nails adhesive and moss. To complete the intense project that’s covered across 10 videos, they added a variety of colorful plants and placed the pumpkin carved plant eaters on the pole in the planters. The finished look is so cool-looking and is giving us serious Piranha Plant vibes from Super Mario Bros.! We love it!

Followers in the comment section raved over this neat project! “You are incredible,” @erikadoesitherself shared. “You understood the assignment, love this!” @smokeycat80 shared. “For a minute there I thought it was going to be the flowers from Super Mario Brothers,” @zombie_cat_nurse wrote. “The 80’s nostalgia. Those who know, know,” @realamiriking commented.

Yes! We’re totally bias with our love for this DIY since it’s giving us all the Super Mario Bros. nostalgia!