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Apparently, Pumpkins Are Bad for the Environment

Here’s how to use your pumpkins sustainably!

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Today we are covering a topic that we honestly didn’t know was a thing. Did you know that pumpkins are bad for the environment? Yes, really! 

One TikTok creator recently pointed this out, and now we can’t unthink it! So let's dive in and find out why this is the case, as well as what we can all do, together, to help solve our pumpkin problem!


So, as Jess at ImpactForGood recently let us know, there are one point three million tons of pumpkins heading to landfill each year in the United States. And unfortunately, once they are there, they don’t just break down. Instead they kind of just sit there, rotting and releasing a ton of methane.

Now, if you didn’t already know, methane is actually a huge greenhouse gas, and is even considered to be forty times more powerful than CO2, and even if carbon dioxide is more a long-term issue, methane is an immediate one. In fact, twenty-five percent of the current global warming issues stemming from issues can be traced back to methane.

So why add to that number just because you want to carve pumpkins and throw it away once you are done?

If you want to save the environment this holiday season, go for something like a plastic pumpkin that you can use year after year. Or, if you do decide to go for a real pumpkin, do what Jess says and figure out more sustainable ways to dispose of it!

So instead of chucking it into the garbage to head out to your local landfill, compost it! The nutrients, in limited amounts, are great for your garden. Or feed it to your chickens or as treats for your pets! You can also scoop out the guts and dry out the seeds for a snack, and use the innards for pies or other recipes! It’s pumpkin season, after all, so have fun while also helping save our planet!