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Homesteader Makes Crockpot and Breadmaker Stand Out of PVC

Not too shabby.
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Homesteading is a lifestyle that is not for the faint of heart, it takes extremely hard work throughout all the season. It's a lifestyle of self sufficiency, filled with activities such as canning your own foods and storing them long term, growing and raising almost all of your produce, meat, eggs, and possibly making cheeses and dairy products, collecting and harvesting rainwater and setting up irrigation systems, chopping endless firewood to keep the house warm with the wood stove throughout the winter seasons.

Along with all the hard things that homesteading brings there are also some really positive outcomes of the lifestyle such as the big one, being self-sustaining and not relying on anyone else to support you or your family’s life. What also comes with the lifestyle is being a true innovator making things work with the supplies on hand. 

Homesteader @homesteadingsince2021 posted to TikTok a neat solution for something the average American would just go out and purchase.

The homesteader has previously been storing their bread maker and crock pot on their counter space which they mentioned was using up all of their counter space. To fix the problem the homesteader used pvc pipes that were lying around to make a frame, they spray painted it black and used large wood boards that they stained to place on the pvc as shelving.

We love this idea and their creativity to use what they had lying around! 

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