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Mom's Q-Tip Trick For Getting Slime Stains Off the Couch Is Brilliant

Parents: Keep this in your back pocket

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Q-tips are great for so many uses. Obviously you can (not that you should) use them to clean your ears, but they’re also great to keep in your beauty arsenal, first aid kit and you can even use them to clean tight spots.

You may be thinking, what can you clean with q-tips besides your ears or the nail polish around your toes?

Well, Tiktok mom and content creator @melissametrano shared a brilliant hack that shows us how to remove a serious stain from a sofa with a q-tip!


In the video that’s already amassed over 12 million views, she takes her daughter’s glittery blue slime and smears it across her outdoor sofa. She lets it sit for a bit before getting a q-tip to wipe it up. Once she removed the slime, she was left with a small stain so she grabbed some soap, vigorously rubbed it in with the q-tip for three minutes and followed up with spraying the stain with water. After she let it dry, there was relatively no sign of the stain!

Our mind is blown by how effective this was by simply using a q-tip, rather than a sponge or towel!

Clearly, q-tips have many purposes, and now here’s an extra hack for getting rid of the accidental stains our kids create!