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CT Woman Shares All Of the Quirky Ways She Uses Things In Her Apartment NOT For Their Intended Purpose

This will make you look at everything in a different light.

Everything has a use, even if that use might not be what you (or its creator) had originally intended for that item! All you have to do to prove that fact is take a gander at all our Dollar Store DIY hacks or how one woman used a literal sock to paint a wall!

And we love the creativity! That is why we are showcasing these out-of-the-box uses for items as displayed by one TikTok creator, Samantha!


So Samantha, aka TammieTrashcan, has an apartment that is completely stocked with items that she has found some… ‘different’ uses for. As her video shows us, just about anything can be a piece of decor if you have an idea for it, and to be honest - she has a point!

We get a quick view of her room, and it starts off with a blanket ladder. But, no, not your typical blanket ladder. It is, in fact, an actual ladder, like the one you’d see at a construction site or you’d buy to clean your ceiling fan. The galvanized metal and orange sides look strangely put together with the brick walls of her apartment, and we’d never have expected that combo to work!

Next is old stacked suitcases being used as an end-table, though we do have to wonder slightly at just how stable that stack is. There’s enough space for a book or a laptop, but we don’t know if we’d trust putting a drink on it. And then there is the piece de resistance - an old, heavy wood headboard (yes, for a bed) being used as a bookshelf. The thing looks heavy, and honestly, it kind of fits.

There is so, so much more throughout the video, and we have to give this creator major props for all of her out-of-the-box thinking. Most of these items would have wound up simply being tossed out and forgotten, but she has managed to turn it into real art and we have never been more impressed!