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Couple Replaces a Railing With a Built-In Bookshelf and It’s Gorgeous

This is a cool idea for both safety and aesthetics.

Houses designed with a modern aesthetic are usually built with a minimal look of having an open floor plans that includes a neutral color palette, updated smart home features, concrete or hardwood flooring and small modern touches including thin stainless steel cable railing for stairs, or at least something similar.

While the modern look of stainless steel cable railing is always a cute vibe, it’s not always the safest option, especially if you have small children around. In situations like this, it’s best to take the same (or similar) approach that TikTok user @justcallmehomegirl took with this beautiful DIY.


As seen in the quick tutorial, the DIYer initially built a bookshelf to replace the unsafe railing on the top floor of her home’s staircase. And while that bookcase looked amazing as-is, but eight years later, she decided to add cabinet doors to not only give it a more modern feel, but to also add a space for storage.

We love this idea and so do the folks in the comment section! “We did something very similar 2 years ago. Love it! It changed the room.” @jess31113 shared. “It looks good both ways.” @lin_ma617 wrote. “Smart improvement!” @lmjenn65 commented. “It looks cute as both a bookcase or cabinets,” @ptkolecheck shared.

We love the DIY both ways as well — it’s such a great and necessary improvement!