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Artist Paints Entire Deck Rainbow Colors and, TBH, We’re In Love

Who says staining your decks is the only way to go?

I. Love. Rainbows. There, I said it. Growing up I was sort of the not-all-out Gothy girl, but I definitely skewed a bit on the darker side of things. Not ‘black is my favorite color’, but certainly close. But as I’ve grown I’ve discovered my love for some brighter things, and that includes rainbows in all their various shades.

That means whenever I can find new and interesting ways to incorporate rainbows I jump on them almost immediately. (Say a prayer for my poor husband, folks.) So when I saw this backyard porch hack, you can just bet that I was immediately ordering up the supplies.


Savannah Saturn (trippydraws) brings us this fun and fabulous creator hack that takes ordinary decks from frumpy to fun. All you need is a wooden deck, an open space, and a bunch of rainbow spray paints. Or at least Savannah went with rainbows, but you could probably do this hack in any shade of color (or colors) that you’d like.

The best part about this hack is it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the messier the better! You spray color after color, overlapping in some areas while leaving larger bright spots in other places. Add whimsical spirals or dashes, write your name in hidden places, or do as Savannah does and take black paint and large stamps to add in small details everywhere you go!

Now, Savannah mentions in one comment how this porch didn’t stay super bright very long because she forgot to seal it, so that is one step I’d recommend taking. Other commenters are suggesting adding things like planets or butterflies, or even some black accents to make things really pop.

So, yep. Let’s see how far my husband will let my rainbow obsession go this time.