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If You Love Rainbows, You need to Invest In Suncatcher Paper

Seriously, the effects are beyond beautiful!

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When I think of rainbows, of course, the Skittle slogan "Taste the Rainbow!" comes to mind. Rainbows are just fun. They are so much fun, that some people design their entire home in rainbows

While this might be a little too much for some people, others just want to catch a glimpse of the rainbow, such as this TikTok creator Carley @plurfairy. And you can do this with one simple hack. 


How cool is this? This genius way of catching a rainbow - or filling your room not only with sun rays but with rainbow rays - is all happening thanks to this iridescent sun catcher and rainbow film from @rainbowsymphony on Instagram. There is not much info given about how much it costs or how to apply it to the window, but I am guessing you peel and stick it to the window. Should be fairly simple. It also works great to camouflage a window for some privacy. Another option would be a stick-on stained glass paneling, as it would probably have a similar effect. And better yet, it would insolate your windows in the winter months, so you can save some energy! That's a win-win situation in my book. 

And to be honest who wouldn't like to wake up every morning in a room filled with the sun and rainbow rays? What could bring more happiness? It is like you are capturing that rainbow on a daily basis. 

Such a cute idea!