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Woman's Pastel Rainbow Stairs Are Taken Up A Notch With One Addition

The work that went into this is stunning!

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We love to see all the different stair designs out there, especially since said space often goes unrepresented and unloved! But your stairs are a design element that could, and should, be showcased to its best, and luckily changing the look of everything is easier than you could ever imagine it being!

But when we say that TikTok creator Ashley took her stairs to a whole new level, we mean it!


So Ashley already has put a lot of time and work into making her stairs look pretty awesome. The entire flight of old wooden stores has been given an update with some pastel rainbow colors in twelve different shades, and that alone would be enough to make us look twice. But Ashley goes one step further and brings in a fun little addition that elevates the entire look even further.

You see, when Ashley was painting her stairs she also decided to color-coordinate them with a few props that match the season or look that she is going for at the moment. In this video, she is adding some lovely pumpkins, large and small, that perfectly match the paint color of each stair.

Throughout the video this woman trudges up and down the stairs multiple times, putting down her armful of painted pumpkins before we get one final look at the adorable view. We love the creativity behind it, and highly commend her son (the only one who lives upstairs) his agility at being able to avoid these pumpkins or the other decorations that we are sure go up from time to time.

Now if you wanted to do something similar, all you need is some different paints, and save a bit of each one to paint your own decor! These pumpkins were all made of foam and simply painted with the same (or similar) shades of color that went on each stair, but you could go wild and pretty much do something close with just about any piece of decoration that you’d like!

Just be sure to watch your step!