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This Woman's Gorgeous BoHo Wall Hanging Is The Stuff of Dreams

Shaggy or trimmed, we love both styles!

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If you are looking for a way to add some color to your walls then you could always turn to paints, or maybe some sort of wall art. We have featured a ton of different art pieces that you can do yourself from Ikea dupes to floral arrangements, but today we’ve got a macramé piece that you are going to immediately want for yourself (we know we did!)

So check out this bohemian fiber art and think about how it would look up on your own wall!


Mercy, of MercyDesignsBoho, does a lot of macramé wall art. And we aren’t talking about a few strings tied into braids, no. We are talking about giant wall hangings that have individually dyed strings, carefully placed on a dowel, then cut to various shapes to fit the flow of the color and the rooms of those interested in the art.

These boho-inspired pieces of wall art are stunningly gorgeous, and even better, can be made to fit any sort of design aesthetic that you like! While this one that we are featuring is rainbow color (and boy, do we love it), we can imagine it in so many different other color combinations!

But we have to touch on the effort that goes into these macramé wall art hangings just a bit! First the artist has to gather up the wool or fiber strings, then dye them to fit the various patterns and colors that have been requested. In the case of this piece, there are a variety of colors running the gamut of a light and bright rainbow, and we can only imagine how long it took to color everything!

These strings are all put up on the dowel in a pattern that keeps the colors flowing into the next before Mercy adds some draping beads over the top. These beads help to keep everything in place and give something which Mercy can use to cut a pattern below. While we love the wilder, rough look of the uncut strings, we can also appreciate the smoother pattern!

Which do you prefer?