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Crafty Gardener Turns Simple Glass Jar Into A Gorgeous Home Grown Rainforest

A little piece of the forest in your own home.

We absolutely love ourselves some terrariums here at DenGarden. Everything from unique refurbs of antique storage to Dollar Store finds, but there are still plenty of ideas out there for us to discover and be wowed by.


And this rainforest-inspired terrarium created by Roosevelt of Roosevelt’s Terrariums is just such an idea. This self-contained ecosystem, and yes that means you will even be adding little animals to help with breaking down the plants and return those nutrients to the soil, is simply amazing.

The creator starts off with a regular glass jar, large enough to fit in everything that he needs for the ecosystem to survive. He starts off by putting down a layer of lava rock and charcoal to help with some of the filtrations that are needed, and then soil is put down on top of that.

The soil creates the base for the living plants that are planted next. For the main visual component, Roosevelt puts down a large knotted piece of wood, already growing some greenery, before gently placing in more greenery around the sides of the wood. It looks like there is some ivy along with other plant species, but you can follow the video to get a few more of the specifics.

Water is then added, which will be cycled and recycled, allowing the plants to live and thrive without additional outside help. After that is when the critters are added, little pill bugs that will crawl around and munch on the greenery before giving back to the soil what it needs to help support the greenery.

The end result is a fully contained life cycle, a piece of the outside brought into your home, and will take very little upkeep on your end!