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Woman Makes Gorgeous Planter That Doubles As a Rainwater Barrel

Fun and functional!

I’ve said it before, collecting rainwater has amazing benefits. I’ve done it a couple of times now and I personally love using it to water my indoor plants and will use it in my hair routine as well. While it’s still up for debate if collecting rainwater is actually illegal in some states (you’re actually able to harvest rainwater, but there are restrictions in some states), it’s always best to verify such information with your state’s water board. In the meantime, you can still live vicariously through those who can do so. Although it may not be as joyous as collecting your own rainwater, it’s always cool to see how other people harvest the rainwater and how they actually use it.

And that’s exactly how we feel looking at how TikTok user @livingplanetfriendly harvests her rainwater. Her unique way in which she collects rainwater water is simply beautiful!


How cool is this all-in-one planter and rainwater barrel?! We love that she was able to use the barrel for multi-purposes and can’t wait to see the plants when they finally start growing! Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts about her cool method of collecting rainwater. “OMG I'm going to cry. In my state, collecting rain water is illegal,” TikTok user @gons_left_boot wrote. “Oooh I love this idea! Now how can I do this in my rental,” @samsswaps commented.

We love this multi-functional planter hack