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Woman Shows Her ‘Sneaky’ Secret Way She Collects Rainwater

This is great for watering plants and more.

I’ve always liked the idea of collecting rainwater, especially after hearing about all of the amazing benefits of rainwater. The one time I tried it though, I put my big steel bucket outside during the humid rainy season here in the south and woke up the next morning to about three giant cockroaches frolicking in the full bucket of rain water. That was the first and last time I tried collecting rainwater, but after coming across this amazing method of collecting rainwater, I’m willing to give it another chance.

TikTok user @miles8katrina showed us how she secretly collects her rainwater and the disguise is just as beautiful as it is brilliant!


Isn’t this secret method so cool? With the rocks on top of the lid, at first glance you may think it’s just a trashcan full of rocks, but when you open the lid, the bin is full of fresh rainwater. I like how she used the rocks, in addition to the screen under the rocks as a way to filter the water and prevent unwanted objects, or *ahem* insects from coming into the bin. People in the comments love this idea, too! “Yes legit mineral water!!! Definitely trying this!” @juliecrystalsandstones wrote. “Love the rock idea! Makes it more attractive, doing this to mine!” @iowakate399 commented. Oh, and if you’re wondering how to keep the mosquitoes at bay when doing this, she mentioned in the comments that she drains the lid so there’s no standing water and she makes sure there’s no larva in the water.

Finally, a method for collecting rain water that works. We can’t wait to try it!