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Man Rigs Up a Genius Way to Rake His Field Quickly

Anyone with a lot of land might want to ask him for the blueprints.

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It is no secret that these days most people want to save money. Especially on things, they can easily create in the DIY fashion, thanks to TikTok. This TikToker for example did this to protect her produce in her garden. But if you own land and gotta maintain it, your DIY project has to be a bit more sufficient. 

Such as TikTok dad @dadadvicefrombo did. As he demonstrates in his video, he created this to clean up his field from debris.


If this isn't genius, I don't know what is! Having a field, as big as his requires a lot of cleaning, and being the only person in charge requires to improvise! Therefore, he attached four rake heads to some boards, which are attached to a pivot, and controlled by a rope, which is attached to his tractor or lawn mower. And that's it. Pretty simple and budget-friendly. And as you can see, it gets the job done by collecting all that debris from the field. But seriously did you expect anything else? This dad knows what he is talking about, according to his other videos and his 2.0 Mio followers, he surely must be doing something right. Especially this video with 40.9K likes seems to be appreciated by many home- and land owners, gardeners, and DIYers. 

We all can learn from this dad and his advice!