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Gardner Shares Why She Thinks It’s 100% Worth It to Plant ‘Invasive’ Raspberries

We need this!

In today’s times with gas prices steadily increasing and grocery store bills reaching an all time high, may people are now looking for alternate resources to stay afloat while experiencing inflation.

We’ve seen many TikTok users offer great suggestions to help offset increasing grocery bills including using an EBT card (for those who qualify) to purchase fruit and vegetable plants and potentially start their own garden and we’ve even come across gardeners showing us how to grow crops inside of our homes. Our latest social media discovery is courtesy of TikTok user @rachelandtheriveters who shares why it’s absolutely necessary to plant “invasive” raspberries. Her explanation makes so much sense.


We couldn’t agree with her reasoning any more than what we do now. Raspberries are vigorous growers and as a result, their runners can fill up a bed and once they’re established, you don’t have to worry about replanting them every year. So if this can be a bit much for you, give raspberries away to others, like she mentioned in the video or make a raspberry jam, pie, juice — the options are practically endless!

Like the creator of the video mentioned, raspberries at the store are getting expensive, so if you can plant them and give the extra away, that’s a great way to help both you and someone else!