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Here’s How to Paint Using Real Spiderwebs

This is magical.

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We’re always amazed by the creative talents we come across social media. We’ve seen artists create beautiful art using foam as their main tool of choice and one unique artist transformed every inch of the outside of their home into a giant disco ball making it the most beautiful sight to see in their neighborhood.

What we love the most about art is that there are so many ways for artists to express themselves and even better — share their art with the world. There’s no one way to create art and Lydia Ann of TikTok account @ladycannalifeshop proves just that with this amazing DIY spider web art she created using a real spider web!


As a kid in school, if we wanted to create a realistic-looking spider web, we’d simply use clear glue on a canvas board and wither added a little glitter to it to jazz it up or simply let it air dry to make it look like a real spider web. However, Lydia Ann’s method of creating a spider web using spray paint and an actual spider web is more preferred in our opinion. All she does is carefully remove the spider from its’ web (if it’s actually there) and spray paint the web with whatever color you desire — in this case she chose blue. Next, to finish the simple DIY project, she simply uses her canvas to “capture” the web onto the canvas.

We love how easy and unique this DIY project is!