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Instead of Throwing Away Your Old Vases, Do This Instead

This is brilliant!

Getting a lovely surprise gift from your partner is always nice. One gift that has always been a popular and quite easy gift to give are flowers. The only negative to receiving flowers, though, is that it’s easy to build a collection of vases and at some point, you’ll end up wanting to get rid of them. However, rather than throw them away, take this advice from TikTok content creator @aworkingwardrobe instead!


In the extremely quick video, she’s seen dropping off a Target bag of clean, empty vases and walking out with a small bouquet of fresh, beautiful pink roses. The simple tip that she shares to get rid of flower vases without throwing them away is to donate them to florists and in return, they’ll give you some nice flowers for free as a result of your donation.

Her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts of this great tip. “I have 2 sitting at my door that I didn’t know what to do with. Thank you!” @labelsnlipstick.xo wrote. “Dang didn’t know that! I don’t even need the flowers in exchange,” @sarah935mama commented. “Our local florist used donated vases to gift flowers to every nursing home resident during the pandemic lock down,” @kaylaarrowood66 shared.

We had no idea about this but so happy to have learned about it. What a beautiful exchange!