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This Refillable Candle Cuts Out Totally Unnecessary Waste

Genius and great for the environment!

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Over the last five years or more, people all around the world have decided to live a cleaner lifestyle. Whether that means going vegan, switching from gas-operated vehicles to electric ones, or simply reducing waste in their home by not buying certain products anymore, such as this TikToker suggests.

Nowadays you can even refill your candles, as TikTok creator Kayla Gagnon (@kaylamgagnon) shows us in her video. 


Such a great and smart idea! 

The brand is called NotesCandle and the way it works is by buying the starter kit. Which includes a starter candle glass, silicone lining inside that can be removed, two wax fragrances, and two candle cotton wicks. 

You can also build your own starter kit and choose the fragrances you'd like. 

Once your starter kit is completed and you receive it, you can start making your own environmentally, non-toxic candle. That's right, this product claims to only be made with soy, rice bran, and beeswax, as well as natural scents. It also claims to be free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and petroleum wax. 

All good news, if you ask me. However, it runs a little pricey, around $54.00 for the starter kit. However, if you think about it, it saves you money in the long run and you avoid producing more trash, like with regular candles. 

Once the candle is burned down to about 1/4th inch, you just pop it out, save the remaining wax for another project, add a new wick, pour a new bag of the wax beads into the glass, and enjoy. 

I am tempted to get myself one of these!