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Woman Challenges Herself to Makeover the Ugliest Piece of Furniture She Could Find and the Results are Pretty Impressive

The color combo is pretty great too.

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When it comes to furniture flipping, anything is possible. You just gotta know what you're doing, which takes experience from trial and error. The beauty of furniture flipping is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

TikTok creator and furniture flipper Grace demonstrates in her video exactly how you can transform even the ugliest piece of furniture and make a buck from it, or just upgrade your current furniture. Let's check it out!

I mean, just wow! It looks like day and night!

As Grace says in her video,

"I challenged myself to pick up the ugliest, dirtiest, and stinkiest piece of furniture to flip. To show you guys that you truly can transform anything with the power of paint."

Such as this 1980s microwave cart, she shows us in her video.

Grace continues by saying,

"We need to be thinking more sustainably about the way we furnish our home. So we're not just buying the next trendy thing that comes along but reimagining what we already have, to make our homes look a lot cooler in the process."

She is so right! By flipping the current furniture in our homes, we can save money and the environment, as we make them last longer. 

As you can see in the video, she first cleans it and preps it by priming it, then painting it, and changing the hardware of the piece. And there you have it, a stunning new microwave cart, that could now be used as a coffee station or bar cart.

TikTok actually thought it looked fine the way it was before, according to the comments section.

As TikToker @bianca_stephaniee wrote,

"Ok, but let’s be real that piece was amazing at the start lol such a good foundation."

I personally think the version prior was seriously outdated. I mean '80s furniture, and not that cool kinda furniture but the generic, boring one.

TikToker @jvanecek00 posted,

"I would’ve KILLED for this to be green and not pink but it’s so stunning."

Yes, green and black would also make a good combo.

And TikToker @missy_knk commented,

"I love what you did with it, it looks gorgeous! But honestly, I didn’t hate it before."

What do you think?

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