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Sustainable DIYer Shows Us How to Easily Remove Labels From Glass Jars

So easy to do!

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It may be quite obvious, but around here, we love DIYs, hacks and finding ways to repurpose many items that may be considered trash when we’re done with them. Thanks to social media, our feeds are constantly full with content creators who provide plenty of that type of content so we’re not only able to try them all ourselves, but we can also share with y’all as well.

Our latest find is a simple DIY from TikTok content creator @restyleliving. She shows us how to remove labels from glass jars so we can repurpose them for other uses and not only is it so simple to do, but it’s quite helpful, too!

To easily remove labels from any glass jar, all she does is remove as much of the label as possible and soak the glass jar in warm soapy water for 10 minutes. While it’s soaking, she mixes up a paste the consists of two parts baking soda and one part vegetable oil and applies the paste to the sticky part where the label used to be. Afterwards she scrubs away the remainder of the label and is left with a clean and label-free glass container that can now be used to store other liquid or foods.

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