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Renter Friendly Bathroom Tile Hack can Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Look Without Any Permanency

You can personalize your space even if you're renting!
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It can be so frustrating being a renter and feeling not in love with your space. You can’t justify spending the money to paint it how you want just to have to cover it up with a white or gray when you move out. You can add fine details such as the colors of knobs on cabinet handles, changing the flooring in the bathroom, updating the shower, or hanging new light fixtures that aren't just lamps or hanging lights.

Home DIYer and renter @jessrosevinyl posted to TikTok a video of a renter friendly hack that allows you to personalize you space even as a renter!

She starts with peel and stick vinyl sheets and measures out the area in which she wants to apply the vinyl tile behind her sink. After cutting the pieces to size she peels the back off and sticks them in place. @Moi! Said “As a landlord I can say I'd be 100% supportive of things like this. I always remind my tenants that while they live their its their 'home' 🏠” and @raspberrymoon8 said “I recently re- did our bathroom floor with these tiles. Love how it looks ⭐️”.

Her commenters who watched the video loved the outcome.

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